Earning Traffic

In order to earn traffic from the community, you first need to give it. You simply click the Earn Traffic button, agree that you understand the terms, and that's it! Once you have earned some credits, your URLs will be made available to the community.

Users can add any URL they wish, which means there will be content that is not appropriate for everyone. If you see something that is troubling, or completely offensive, you have the ability to report that URL in the system. When a user hits their abuse threshold, his or her account is suspended for up to 24 hours.

No. TrafficApe is entirely web based, and requires no installation of any software to participate. However, if you would like to automate your traffic earning, you can do so by installing the Chrome extension.

Rather than delete your URL completely, you can simply set your URL to "Disabled." This will stop the URL from receiving any traffic, which allows you to divert more traffic to your other URLs.

There are many reasons you will not get your max allowed traffic received each day. The most obvious reason is due to the time of day in which you gave traffic to the community. A new day starts at midnight UTC. The closer you are giving traffic to this time, the less likely you will reach your received limit. Not to worry though, the following day will simply go over your daily limit and you will be even.

One of the ways TrafficApe is able to spread your page views out across the globe is by you giving one more page view to the community. It's all very complicated, and the math will make your head hurt.

General Questions

TrafficApe is completely community driven. The reason for the suspension is due to your URLs getting reported by the community. Once you have reached your reported limit in a given 12 hour period, your acount is suspended. This is most likely due to Pornographic content, hate speech, or some other crazy things that we simply can't think of. Account suspensions last anywhere from 12 to 24 hours.

TrafficApe is intented to simply drive a small amount of traffic to your web pages on a daily basis. We limit the amount of traffic coming from a single location in order to spread your traffic out across the globe. This gives a tremendous boost to your SEO, and overall search rankings.

The Awesome Plan is 100% FREE. The Super Awesome Plan is available for a very low annual or monthly fee, gives you the ability to earn more traffic daily, and also allows you to add more URLs.

Alexa is a website analytics company that ranks websites on a global scale. Alexa tracks the web pages you visit via a browser extension, which means you will get a boost in your global rank simply by visiting your own website! Visit the Alexa website to install your browser extension in seconds.

Absolutely not. Google has gone to great lengths to cut down on spam and duplicated content across the internet over recent years. Syndicating your URLs to multiple websites does not help with you ranking and in fact hurts it. TrafficApe does not syndicate your URLs, but simply drives completely organic traffic to them.

You are only allowed one free account, but you can have as many paid accounts as you want. You can try to game the system all you want by creating multiple accounts, but sadly it will not work.

We often ask ourselves the same thing.

Yes, but it's a bit tricky. If you are on an iPhone, once you start your session you will open a new tab, simply leave that tab open and navigate back to the original tab. You will see your Given number increase like normal. We will be releasing a mobile app soon, which will make the process easier.

Not at this time. We will be releasing a mobile app in the near future.

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